CV. Abadi Jaya Makmur

Battery And Accu

Battery / battery is one type of battery / battery used for various types of vehicles / electronic devices. Battery / Battery functions for electricity storage media that is generated from engine speed as well as supplying electric current when the engine starts on. The way the battery works is when the engine is running the battery stops working, because the source of electricity has been replaced from the engine speed that goes into other components that are directly flowed to all the components that require electric current. But the battery also accepts charging an electric current sent by the alternator (ampere dynamo). Batteries or batteries, or batteries can also be an electric cell in which a reversible electrochemical process takes place with high efficiency. Car batteries function to store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy, which will be used to supply (supply) electricity to the starter system, ignition system, lights and other electrical components.

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